All Aboard for parts unknown

Gloria of Peoria

 You’re probably wondering who this Gloria of Peoria lady is or was,  possibly a town you might have passed through or a book that you browsed over at the local library.  Maybe you didn’t even wonder at all and because of that,  I’m just the ticket to guide you through the land of Gloria.
She was my mother and she was an adventure, some of the ride was smooth, some was bumpy, and some was downright funny.  She left this land this past year and through all the bumpiness she took us through, I have chosen to remember the moments of laughter, her zeal for fun and orneriness which gave me a glimpse of who she really was.
She loved to dance ,sing,  and laugh ,and I believe I ‘ve  figured out why, or what I think of as why.   Through this process of my mother,  I’m going to begin this journey made up of peaks and valleys  nice and easy.  Think of Tina Turner on the slowest speed on the old record player.  Where you can almost visualize her  with each strand of hair, and each drop of perspiration, each wave of the fabric of her dress.  Yes that slow.  I’m hoping I can create a picture of the many facets of her from start to finish.

All Aboard the Journey is just about ready to begin.


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