9 years later

Off and on I’d come back to look the blog over to make sure it hadn’t gone anywhere seeing that it hadn’t I was satisfied to leave but the only thing that bothered me were my posts that needed updating.  When I wrote them I was deep in grief and there wasn’t too much care to how I put my words together only that I did.  This was to accomplish what I could remember and afraid I’d forget if I didn’t jot it down immediately or as the word flow was happening.

I didn’t know until about 2.5 weeks ago that I’d even pick up my “pen”, but I did because I had made a connection with new family.  There’s been a lot of that happening lately, discovering new people or reconnecting after many years.  On my dad’s side my cousins and I are making connections and it’s really nice, this happened after finding my Aunt Rose, thankfully in a haphazard fashion through Facebook, I thought I’d lost her.
Then I connected with a great-niece and finally was able to meet her and her family this past July.  Now I have another new family and the blanks are slowly being filled in, it’s been nearly a lifetime.  Through two of these connections it wasn’t as if people were specifically looking for me (the daughter) but through chance/fate/God, I choose the latter,  it happened anyway.

Dad, Mom, me, Mike, Brenda, Jackie at the farm

I think things happen for a reason and for that reason I am here now writing and updating a blog of memories about my mom, blanks finally being filled in, questions being answered, curiosities being laid to rest and because life goes on.


What does this directly have to do with Gloria from Peoria, well without her I wouldn’t be here to write this and all of it would be moot she was my mother.


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