family, mother

Thymes in the Garden

Did I tell you how my mother could grow plants and flowers?  Did you know she probably could look at one and it would bud and bloom, well not really, but for someone who has a brown thumb it’s hard to believe said thumb belonged to her own daughter and not as hard to believe that she could will the flowers and plants to grow.


Everywhere we lived we had a garden, we always had flowers, petunias, lilies, hydrangeas , peonies, roses,  marigolds, and that’s only a few of the flowers and plants, not to mention the vegetable gardens.  Even when she was declining in her health she still persevered in raising flowers and lastly tomato plants.    It was nothing to her to garden but it was everything when she couldn’t any longer.  I know it bothered her a lot.

Just the other day I had an urge to plant some marigolds, but for the sake of the plant itself and not leaning on memory alone of my mothers skills I chose to forgo planting and to maintain a visual in my mind of them.

If plants could talk I’m sure the word was “Whew!”.


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