Weeding a Memory

I missed you madly and I wanted you to know that the phone was sadly quiet, not a ring anywhere where my ears could hear. Your presence here is sadly missed. No there wasn’t a birthday or even your day of leaving that made me think of you. I was remembering Easter, my patent leather shoes, new anklets, an Easter bonnet and purse. This was way back when and now you are way back when and I can’t even reminisce like I used to. Know one is around, or no one cares. I am greatly missing little things. It didn’t matter if life was imperfect with you, life is imperfect anyway and I am imperfect. What matters is is time and you aren’t here. Thankfully the memories are  and I can sift through it and find the good and weed out the bad.

So here is to happy times and patent leather shoes!


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