A Missed Tape

The other day I was cleaning out my stack of VHS tapes and I found a tape from eleven years ago.  I thought I all but lost it.  It was a treasure in its imperfectness.  It was skipping  but  I didn’t care I overlooked it.  It was my dads voice and his movement.  His stories and before I realized it you popped up.  When I originally received this video we were all in amazement of it because it was of dad, but surprise I found Gloria from Peoria  on it and to my amazement you were dressed in your deli garb but even better than that, you started dancing.  It was great.  Not only did I have in my hands a treasure of sights and sounds of dad but I had you in action, doing your favorite thing.  Dancing, showing off.  I always thought you had been  shy.  I don’t think so.  Someday I’ll be able to go all the way through this tape, but as for now bits and pieces is all I can handle.  It is surreal to me and confuses the mind but delightful too.    Wow, so much has changed in eleven years, so very much.  What a difference a day makes and we don’t know what tomorrow holds. I do know I’m glad I picked up the dust rag and started cleaning.  


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