Albert W.

Throughout my mothers life Albert, her biological dad was absent, I can only imagine how she felt,  I know because of his indifference there was a huge ripple affecting everyone.  I believe this with all my heart, because I know that the presence of a dad in a girls life is everything.  At one point after mom was gone I was pointing hurt fingers and wanting someone who didn’t even know I existed to hurt more than the pain that was inherited, but since then it has dissipated.

Very recently, 9 years after moms passing, I’ve learned of  aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc. and the life of Albert and his siblings, what their life was like, and how close in proximity they were through the years.

 It’s bittersweet knowing mom never got that chance of knowing them too.

Ancestry.com has been a godsend for not only this situation but others in my family,  I’ve been fortunate enough to make a number of new connections.  This post is a rewrite because there is a new perspective and a more positive outlook, thanks to one woman who went looking for one person and happened on another.


Walter & Gloria Lunn 50th Anniversary

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