Gloria and the Gifts

Placed under the tree during Christmas when Gloria from Peoria  ruled amongst her kingdom  were gifts of needs and a few wants as well.   Waking up Christmas morning was anticipated, just like the first snowfall sparkling on the historic green lawn.   I remember packages wrapped and one Christmas we had dolls lined up on a little settee awaiting their “moms” .  Gloria made everything special, just as if she was the recipient.  She had picked out and wrapped our gifts and hid them in her closet up or under so we couldn’t find them, just like the fudge she had hidden in there too.  Of course even  if we thought of sneaking a piece we could count on one of our limbs missing in the morning.  Not really, but close.  Of course there were gifts probably hidden in the trunk from Santa as well.  All the good spots discovered from all the Sherlocks of her brood.  What did it take away from for her to save for such a heavenly event, but the question also remains what did it add too  to such a heavenly event as well.  I know she had a wonderful time when we opened our gifts and placed the robes in front of our chests to see how they looked or opening our dusting powder to create a cloud of scent  in anticipation of our next bath.  The games we had were played till I’m sure Park Place was long forgotten and the Mouse was trapped one time too many. 

I wonder now what she really wanted but didn’t get like all wives at one time or another, but also did she enjoy the joy of  her children opening the gifts she had possibly wanted for herself as a child.  

I hope so.  Merry Christmas “Gloria from Peoria”from one of your Sherlocks


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