A memory born

Just the little things tend to roll through my mind, of the thoughts, the moments  or memories that time stopped, and some part of your heart told you to remember this, you’re going to need it someday.    You’re going to use it to look back on, it’s going to be the glue that’ll help hold you together when everything else seems to be unraveling.  It’ll be the icing on the cake, a thought that was sweeter than you had expected it to be even at the moment of it’s conception.   A memory a blip blurb of time.

This was a memory being born.

Mom doing her little dances

Being ornery and taking out her teeth just to annoy you.

Those are only two, if I took more time there would be a few or more, no matter what or when the time is ripe and I’m just sitting, along will come the memory a lovely reminiscing.



2 thoughts on “A memory born”

  1. Memories are precious things, I have so many fond memories of my dear Grandad, he used to do a dance which we called ‘Tommy Hands’ (his name was Thomas, and when he danced, his hands were all over the place) and he would always be singing a little ditty of his own making that went ‘ba b ba ba diddily dee’, I cherish the memories of my grandad.


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