9 years later

Off and on I'd come back to look the blog over to make sure it hadn't gone anywhere seeing that it hadn't I was satisfied to leave but the only thing that bothered me were my posts that needed updating.  When I wrote them I was deep in grief and there wasn't too much care… Continue reading 9 years later



 "Round the corner and under tree Sgt. Major once said to me", you sang this while circling your cane, Cory, your grandson was there, thankfully so, he caught you when you lost your balance but you brushed it off more like it was part of the act. Bittersweet memories. I've written stories about your antics… Continue reading Bittersweet

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A day at the beach

Many summers have passed since this picture was taken, many things have changed, look at the  fashions, they've gone in and out of style, but the one thing that did remain the same is us, mother and daughter, that didn't change.    I love the stylish glasses  mom wore and the confident way she always… Continue reading A day at the beach


Gloria and the Gifts

Placed under the tree during Christmas when Gloria from Peoria  ruled amongst her kingdom  were gifts of needs and a few wants as well.   Waking up Christmas morning was anticipated, just like the first snowfall sparkling on the historic green lawn.   I remember packages wrapped and one Christmas we had dolls lined up on a little… Continue reading Gloria and the Gifts